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Standard admissibility conditions for grant proposals and related requirements

1. To be considered admissible, a proposal must be:

(a)  Submitted in the electronic submission system before the deadline given in the call  conditions;

(b)  Readable, accessible and printable.

2. Incomplete proposals may be considered inadmissible. This includes the requested administrative data, the proposal description, and any supporting documents specified in the call. The following supporting documents will be required to determine the operational capacity, unless otherwise specified:

  • A curriculum vitae or description of the profile of the persons who will be primarily responsible for carrying out the proposed research and/or innovation activities;
  • A list of up to five relevant publications, and/or products, services (including widely-used datasets or software), or other achievements relevant to the call content;
  • A list of up to five relevant previous projects or activities, connected to the subject of this proposal;
  • A description of any significant infrastructure and/or any major items of technical equipment, relevant to the proposed work;
  • A description of any third parties that are not represented as project partners, but who will nonetheless be contributing towards the work (e.g. providing facilities, computing resources).

3. Proposals shall include a draft plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results, unless otherwise specified in the call conditions. The draft plan is not required for proposals at the first stage of two-stage procedures.

4. Page limits will apply to proposals. The limits will be clearly set out in the electronic submission system. If a submitted proposal exceeds the limits, the applicant will receive an automatic warning, and will be advised to re-submit a version that conforms. After the relevant call deadline, excess pages in any over-long proposals will be automatically overprinted with a “watermark”. Expert evaluators will be instructed to disregard these excess pages.

To get more information about application form please refer to User Manual